Oxford Brookes University
Clive Booth Postgraduate Centre

GSSArchitecture were appointed as Lead Consultant for the delivery of 361 postgraduate bedspaces and responsible for the whole design team appointments, providing the University with a one-stop-shop and single point of contact.

The development required a higher level of specification than a typical student bedroom. The design, therefore, is a mixture of 1-bedroom and cluster flats with a mix of 2-6 bedspaces each, arranged around a central quadrangle courtyard, with a large water feature that works as a balancing pond and social provision for student and conference use.

The design was scrutinised by both the city planners and public due its historic position. Difficult planning issues were resolved through consultation with both the Council and the public. The impact on neighbours was resolved through public consultation that took on board the local residents’ concerns.

Planning limits reduced the opportunity to use certain renewables, so an over-insulated, super air-tight building was designed to minimise energy loss and a CHP system returns electricity to the grid. The project achieved a BREEAM score of Very Good.

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