3D Services

GSSArchitecture offer a wide range of Architectural Visualisation services for our clients, which have been demonstrated below in more detail. Architectural Visualisations are perfect for engaging with a client and allowing them to have a greater visual understanding of a design scheme that may not be as clear from standard architectural technical drawings. They can also be used throughout the design process, helping to decide colour schemes or design options in a more visual way. Producing content can also be a great marketing tool, and an effective fundraising asset.


Creating a "photomontage" is the process of blending an existing photograph, with new computer generated content. A photo will be taken from a known point at the site in question, and using data recorded from the camera, combined with an accurate positioning of where the image was taken a virtual 3D camera is created mimicking those settings inside computer software.

A highly accurate digital model of a proposed development is made and rendered with photo realistic materials and details, and is then blended into the scene using photo editing software. This gives an accurate illustration of what a proposed development would look like at an existing site.

Full CGI - External

In instances where suitable photography cannot be provided for merging a building model into, a fully modelled image can be produced, where both the focus building and the surrounding context are created using 3D modelling software. They are then textured, lit and rendered to give a photorealistic quality to the image.

Full CGI - Internal

Creating a fully rendered CGI image of an internal space is great for showing new construction and refurbishments, and has the ability to clarify colour schemes, furniture layouts and lighting options. When people are composited into the image it brings the space to life and gives a clear vision of how a space will feel once completed.

Aerial / Roof Off

There are two forms of aerial perspective that can be produced through a rendered image, an internal roof off plan of a building which shows room layouts, furniture layouts and material choices. The other is an aerial image of an entire building or site masterplan, showing how new construction can integrate with a wider site.

Animations and Mixed Media

GSSArchitecture have the ability to create engaging promotional videos that can combine CGI animation with recorded video footage that clients can use for fundraising and media campaigns.

360 Degree VR Images

One of the newest forms of rendered image that we can produce is a VR image, now prevalent on social media and youtube, this technology allows a user to pan around from a fixed location within a scene enabling them to see the whole space instead of a single fixed view. These images are also compatible with VR headsets that a user can wear to immerse themselves within an environment. This kind of interactive design really engages with end users and creates a talking point about a scheme.