GSSArchitecture Charity Sponsorship 2019

Founded in 1879, GSSArchitecture is 140 years old this year, and in celebration of this milestone we have various activities planned throughout the year.

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Alongside our staff carrying out 140 hours of voluntary work throughout the year, there will also have the choice of taking part in a 140 mile coast to coast bike ride or a walk along Hadrian’s wall, in an effort to raise money for our Charity of 2019.

Training has already begun for this mammoth task, and it would be great to have some encouragement and support along the way. If you are interested in sponsoring our team for this then please visit our JustGiving page here.

On top of this, our Newcastle Office will be running this year’s Great North Run to raise money for MIND. The team are now in full training with the aim of completing the run, enjoying the day and most importantly raising both awareness and money for this great organisation.

Anything that you can donate to this very worthy cause will be greatly appreciated. MIND provide essential mental health support and advice to anyone that needs it and it’s their aim to ensure that until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect that they need. For more information, visit 

As the staff have chosen MIND as our charity of the year, all fundraising activities that we take part in, from donations in our charity collection box, to sponsorship for the Great North Run and our Staff Challenge, will be donated to MIND throughout the year. If you would like to support us in either of these activities, and donate money to this great cause, then please click on one of the links below.

Click here to support us in the Great North Run Click here to support our Staff Challenge