£200 Million Campus-Wide Redevelopment Underway at the University of Hull

The University of Hull is currently undergoing a £200m campus-wide redevelopment to dramatically improve buildings and facilities, following a commitment to provide top-class services and an ideal environment for its 16,000 students and 2,500 employees.

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GSSArchitecture have been selected by the university as one of three key supply chain partners on their Professional Consultancy Services Framework. This major strategic exercise has identified the future needs and demands of the university to understand the ‘size and shape’ of the facilities needed going forward.

The capital development plan includes the wholesale refurbishment of the Leven Building; a 3 storey 1960’s building which will become the new home for the Cambridge Education Group. The building will contain a mix of teaching and learning facilities, accompanied by academic staff offices to improve on current provision. Developments will provide a modern and professional working environment and will deliver learning resources for both collaborative and independent learning.

Crucially, this project is the key to unlocking the remainder of the planned capital projects masterplan and has been delivered to meet an extremely challenging programme. Work is already on site for this £850k project, following a competitive tender and appointment of the design team in February earlier this year.

John Tinkham of the University of Hull said, “We are very excited to be embarking on the refurbishment of the Leven building. These essential works will enable us to create a much-needed modern study environment and we are very much looking forward to enjoying the revitalised building.”

Jonathan Hunter, Partner of GSS commented, “It is great to have been appointed for the refurbishment of this building and to be working alongside the University of Hull as a trusted partner in supporting the future of excellent teaching and learning on the campus.