New Lubbesthorpe Primary School Official Opening Ceremony

After welcoming students to the school in early September, New Lubbesthorpe Primary School, the first school to be completed within the development, had it’s official opening ceremony on the 4th October!

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The ribbon was cut by Mrs Cherry Gibbs (pictured below), representative of The Drummond Estate, and sister of Fred Drummond, who had the original idea for the New Lubbesthorpe community. Mrs Gibbs was joined by Sue Steer, Community Pioneer for New Lubbesthorpe, and a group of students from the school.

Around 100 guests, including Parents, Teachers, Governers and Press representatives were welcomed by Head Teacher Peter Merry. An introductory presentation was then followed by a performance from the pupils, who had started at the school just 22 days earlier. Afterwards, groups of guests were shown around the school, with representatives of the GSSArchitecture design team (pictured below) providing background on the design of the building.

Pictured (left to right): Nick Fenton (Rodgers Leask), Tom Jagger (GSSArchitecture), Phil Hunt (GSSArchitecture), Dave Swift (Clegg Construction), Peter Merry, Head Teacher at New Lubbesthorpe Primary School and CEO of Owls Academy Trust.

GSSArchitecture are delighted to have had the opportunity to provide Architectural, Urban Design and Lead Consultant services for the school, which was part of the first 1000 home phase of the development, and is now a key building for the new community.