Centre for Sport Sciences, Nutrition and Psychology Completes!

We are delighted to announce that the Dame Margaret Barbour Building at Newcastle University has now been completed, following handover on the 18th December.

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The teaching and learning building is an important addition to the University’s campus and houses a range of cutting edge facilities in support of various academic programmes. Seminar rooms and lecture theatres will be available for use by the wider university, whilst the open access building also includes specialist spaces and staff offices for the Schools of Psychology and Sport, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. 

Located at the Richardson Road site, the six-storey, innovative building provides functional and flexible spaces and has been designed to facilitate integrated research by promoting collaboration between disciplines through shared encounter spaces and the provision of social breakout areas.

GSSArchitecture were appointed as Architect and Lead Consultants for the project, alongside Robertson Group, Couch Perry & Wilkes LLP, Summers-Inman, OOBE Landscaping, Identity Consult, and Billinghurst George & Partners.