Durham University – Bill Bryson Library Refurbishment Now Complete

Work has recently completed on the Bill Bryson Library refurbishment at Durham University, creating 200 additional study spaces as well as a new Library Café.

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GSSArchitecture were appointed as Lead Architects for the scheme, which involved the re-organisation of the space within the library, increasing study space as well as relocating the Library Café to the eDen space.

The project has also improved the facilities available for students with disabilities. The Library previously had one dedicated room with specialist equipment however the refurbishment has allowed for four rooms to be available with dedicated equipment and facilities needed to support a wide range of needs.

Professor David Cowling, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts and Humanities) and responsible for the University’s library services, said:

“A university library is fundamental to any student’s education and experience. Our beloved “Billy B” Library is no different – with well over a million visits each year, over 1.5 million items in our print collection, almost 20,000 electronic journals and over 400,000 e-books – it is a treasure trove of information, ideas, and stories.

 These works mean more study spaces, more catering provision, improved facilities for our disabled students, and, ultimately, an even better library.

 I’d like to thank everyone who regularly uses the library for their patience while these works have been going on.”


Bill Bryson Library is just one of many successful projects at Durham University that GSSArchitecture have been involved with.