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A4LE Westminster Issue

Following last year’s successful A4LE conference held at The University of Westminster, GSSArchitecture are delighted to announce that our Senior Partner, Tom Lyons, will be returning to this year’s conference which will be taking place in late summer.

As a Lead Member of the A4LE – Association for Learning Environments, Tom has been heavily involved with various activities and research surrounding the future of educational facilities, including leading a workshop focussing on the importance of adaptable learning spaces at last year’s conference. The latest issue of A4LE’s Planning Learning Spaces magazine outlines the work carried out at the conference. To view this please click here or on the image below.

Planning Learning Spaces Westminster Issue

A4LE is a membership organisation that brings together teachers, educators, design professionals, researchers and all those who value the importance of improving learning opportunities and life chances for young people, with the aim of developing effective, sustainable and stimulating future educational facilities. This research gathered and developed through the A4LE is particularly relevant in today’s climate, with adaptation of existing learning environments being an important consideration due to Covid-19 and the effects it will have on learning spaces in the future.

GSS have been working closely with numerous education clients across the country, exploring various ways in which schools can adapt their existing spaces to ensure social distancing measures can be adhered to, allowing for the safe return of students and staff to their campuses. Particular focus is being paid to areas such as classrooms and dining halls where alterations are more complex and require careful planning and designing to ensure layout changes are flexible and efficient, so that they meet the needs of occupiers both now and in the future, when guidelines inevitably change.

Senior Partner, Tom Lyons, said, “As a result of the pandemic, schools and universities are having to re-think their current layouts to comply with government guidance surrounding social distancing. It Is important that any alterations and reconfigurations meet the needs of the students and staff not only now, but for the future. The positive outcomes that we have seen as a result of previous alteration projects including the introduction of flexible learning spaces have been significant, providing welcoming environments where productivity has improved due to the facilities now being fit for purpose.”

If you feel that you could benefit from our experience with learning environments, then please feel free to get in touch, and find out how GSSArchitecture can assist you.