Midsummer Drinks Reception

Our 140th Anniversary celebrations continued on Wednesday with the annual Midsummer Drinks Reception taking place at Barton Hall, Kettering. Clients and guests were treated to drinks and canapes as well as live demonstrations from our in-house graphics division, 3DLabs. As a memento of GSS reaching this impressive milestone, all guests left with gift bags containing various items, including re-usable coffee cups and a copy of the special edition 140 Anniversary Newsletter. 

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Barton Hall has been the venue of choice for the past 5 years but GSSArchitecture’s link with the hotel goes back much further. Former partner, Henry Ralph Surridge, held his retirement event in the Orangery back in 1938. Our guests kindly took part in recreating the photo from Surridge’s retirement, resulting in a great keepsake for years to come. 

The Midsummer Event follows on from our Newcastle Drinks Reception, held in January, and our Leeds Drink Reception, held in March. Keep an eye on our social media pages for future events and what else we are doing to celebrate our 140th Anniversary.