New Lubbesthorpe Primary School Successfully Handed Over

The new 420 place Primary School, designed by GSSArchitecture, at New Lubbesthorpe has successfully been handed over after main contractor, Clegg Construction, started on site in June last year. The school will accommodate pupils aged 4-11 when it opens in September, and is the first school to be completed in the new large-scale residential development in West Leicestershire.

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GSSArchitecture were appointed with Bentley Project Management to provide Architectural and Lead Consultant services for the school, which was part of the first 1000 home phase of the development. Once complete, the development at New Lubbesthorpe will include 4250 dwellings, a mixed use district centre and two mixed use local centres, featuring retail, commercial, employment, leisure, health, community and residential uses.

Situated on the central square near the main road, the school is set to be a key landmark of the new development, due to the design of the building allowing for the main hall to be operated independently from the main school, this will allow those living in the new community to utilise the shared facilities.