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What is PAGABO?

Pagabo makes procurement quicker, easier and more effective for public sector organisations across the UK by providing compliant framework agreements, a Dynamic Purchasing System, and bespoke consultancy, delivered and backed by a team of MCIPS qualified procurement professionals.


Why use PAGABO?

  • OJEU compliant
  • Demonstrable value for money
  • Saves time
  • Social value
  • Transparent
  • Direct award
  • User friendly


Want to know more?

Pagabo frameworks are free to access when you sign up to your Client Access Agreement. To find out more about how you can benefit from using the Pagabo Professional Services Framework please email or contact one of our Pagabo team directly.

Our Dedicated Pagabo Team

Ian Bray



gabriella snelling
business development co-ordinator

Further details can also be found in our user guide, which you can download below, or by visting the Pagabo Website.