Northampton Museum and Art Gallery Starts on Site

Work has now started on a significant expansion and extension to Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, located in the centre of the town.

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This highly anticipated project will be a key addition to Northampton’s expanding cultural quarter. GSSArchitecture have been appointed by Northampton Borough Council as Architects, Lead Consultants and Principal Designers and are now working with Wildgoose Construction to carry out the transformation.

The project will add an extension into the former Gaol Block on Angel Street, which was initially part of the museum until being sold off and, until recently, was used as Council offices. The reclaimed space will house a shoe gallery to showcase the museum’s world renowned collection. The location of the gallery allows it to flow into parts of the vaulted structures which formed the original Gaol, more than doubling the space on offer to the public.

In addition, the museum will extend into the adjacent Guildhall Road Block, a building designed by GSSArchitecture’s Founder, John Alfred Gotch in 1937. A courtyard extension, designed using glass and sandstone, will integrate the former museum buildings, the Gaol Block and Guildhall Road Block as well as providing additional gallery space, a café and roof terrace.

Tom Jagger of GSSArchitecture said the project would transform the role of the museum in the area, “by providing an enriched and improved museum offer, the project will contribute to the regeneration of Northampton Town Centre, helping to enhance the entertainment, learning and leisure aspects of the community.”

GSSArchitecture have worked collaboratively with the client team to respect and incorporate the existing architecture. The modern extension design creates an obviously new addition, making a positive contribution to the distinctiveness of the local area. The project is the latest in the practice’s growing portfolio of regional and national museums, galleries and exhibition spaces.