Planning Permission Achieved Through Virtual Committee Meeting

We are delighted to share the news that planning permission has been granted for a new primary school, nursery and community centre in Wellingborough.

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Senior Partner at GSS, Tom Lyons, attended the Virtual Committee Meeting yesterday evening where Councillors at the Borough Council of Wellingborough voted unanimously in favour of the scheme. Councillor Morrall said, “I’m very pleased to see that both the community facilities and the school facilities are on the same site, I always think that’s a very good use of any land area and does also mean that the majority of noise from young people is kept to one particular place rather than spread over different parts of the estate.” Councillor Aslam also spoke favourably of the proposals, “Looking at the design I think it’s absolutely perfect for the school.

GSSArchitecture have been appointed as Architects and Lead Consultants for the design and delivery of the scheme, which consists of a two-form entry primary school which has been designed to allow for future expansion to a three-form entry. Adjacent to the school will be a Nursery, catering for children up to five years old. A community centre completes the proposals and will provide the Glenvale Park development with a community hall, communal facilities, kitchen and WC’s, allowing local residents of all ages to meet for a variety of social activities