Planning Submitted for Relocation and Expansion of Bosworth’s Garden Centre

We are delighted to announce that a planning application has been submitted for the relocation and expansion of Bosworth’s Garden Centre.

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The new site, which will be located off the A6 near Irthlingborough, will have the capacity to hold 400 customers at peak times and 50 staff members, allowing for new job opportunities in the local community.

The location has great transport links to surrounding local areas and will be easily accessible for guests with ramped areas for wheelchair users or persons with limited mobility. To keep within the context of the current site, several landscaped areas have been incorporated, including a Garden display area immediately to the east of the building; landscaping to the perimeter will provide a buffer around the site; and the main entrance and car park will be landscaped with trees and swales.

Guided by the expertise of our in-house Sustainability Working Group, GSSArchitecture have incorporated numerous sustainable features within the development, including the reuse of rainwater, underfloor heating to provide a renewable source of heating for the building, and a wildlife corridor which will encourage biodiversity of the site. There will also be a nursery space that will allow for more plants to be grown using polytunnels and other outdoor space.

The centre will include a raised terrace café with external seating, meaning customers will have an improved visitor experience whilst enjoying the larger garden centre in Irthlingborough. We are excited to see this scheme come to life in the near future which will allow this local family run business to provide an improved service whilst building on its fantastic reputation in the area.