Plans Submitted for Innovative Carbon Neutral Development

We’re pleased to share news of a recent planning application submission on behalf of our client, Templeview Developments Ltd., which is one of the first planning applications submitted for a carbon neutral development in the UK.

The application seeks to create a sustainable new community of up to 3850 homes, incorporating a later living community, school, retail, employment, new publicly accessible woodland of 100,000 trees and a solar park. A range of residential accommodation will be supplied, by providing a mix of new housing and opportunities for self-build, whilst the proposed facilities for small to medium sized enterprises will provide further benefits to those within the area. All homes are designed to promote community ethos, whilst being very energy efficient and integrating sustainable technologies and supporting adaptable and home working facilities.

Our specialist Masterplanning Team, guided by our in-house Sustainability and Health and Wellbeing working groups, have developed plans which are driven by the need for landscaping and open space. The new community, known as Greenwoods, will have provision for outdoor sport and recreation facilities appealing to all ages, including numerous parks and allotments. The existing landscape will also be retained and enhanced, allowing the community to maintain a green and rural character.

Careful consideration has also been paid to several surrounding conservation areas and sites of specific historic interest. For example, open areas have been retained around the Grade II Listed Houses and buildings on the Greenwoods site, in order to respect their historic settings whilst also creating another key recreational area for the community. This approach involved close collaboration between our in-house Heritage Team and the project planning consultants, Smith Jenkins.