Our specialist Heritage team has a great deal of experience in the repair, conservation, alteration and enhancement of historic buildings from Medieval to twentieth century.

Projects have included castles, churches, palaces, court houses, hospitals, schools, universities and private houses which has often involved working with clients to change the use of a building to meet the needs of its users.

Working closely with clients, our team agree appropriate solutions to often complex requirements which frequently involve accommodating modern services to meet current living and working standards. 

Our experience ranges from repairs to historic fabric to multi million pound refurbishments with significant modern interventions whilst maintaining the historical features within listed buildings and world heritage sites.

Partner, William Assheton, is an Accredited Conservation Architect, and on the register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC), the highest qualification to be achieved in working on historic conservation.

Discussion with the various conservation bodies such as Historic England and local authorities Conservation Officers is a key part of the process that our team has extensive experience in dealing with alongside making applications of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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