The University of Sunderland Student Gateway Now Complete

GSSArchitecture are pleased to announce that the Student Gateway Building at The University of Sunderland has now been completed.

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Having developed the city-wide campus masterplan for the University of Sunderland, GSSArchitecture were appointed to design two projects to enhance the Student Gateways at City Campus and St. Peter’s Campus, aimed at realigning and improving the Gateway service across the university.

The main objective for the Student Gateways was to provide a one stop shop where students can access guidance and advice. This includes student support, careers and informal study areas, with a focus on the university’s careers employability service, Sunderland Futures.

The Gateway has been developed based around modern principles of Nordic architecture. The use of timber, natural materials and pastel colours have been included within the design to create a modern, yet calming and welcoming environment.