GSSArchitecture Accredited with Latest Standard for Environmental Best Practice

As one of the first architectural practices to be awarded the accolade of ISO 14001, GSSArchitecture are pleased to announce their recent transition from the 2004 to the 2015 standard of this certification. This achievement was presented for demonstrating a commitment to reducing environmental impact of all areas of its business and implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS).

The newly revised standard puts additional emphasis on life-cycle thinking, considering each stage of a product or service, from development to end-of-life – with the ultimate goal of achieving sustainable success.

In order to gain this certification, a commitment to stronger integration between environmental issues and the organization’s strategic action, planning and thinking had to be displayed. All processes are now compliant with the most recent environmental management standards including changes from the previous certification such as: improving resource efficiency and waste reduction.

In addition to attaining this certification, GSSArchitecture have also made the transition to the 2015 standard for ISO 9001 regarding the practice’s Quality Management System (QMS). Significant changes to the ISO standards place an increased focus on continuous improvement and establish an ethical and responsible approach towards both the environment and business operations.

Together these certifications complement the practice’s Integrated Management System (IMS) which also includes, Investors in People and the recently achieved Cyber Essentials PLUS certification and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

David Allsop, Senior Partner at GSSArchitecture commented, “While our early commitment to the British and International standards was to allow us access to government funded projects, the effects on the practice have been transformational and a journey well worth undertaking.”